Loan Overview

This loan product is available exclusively to Flight Centre Travel Group Business Leaders, for the purpose of buying a Business Ownership Scheme (BOS). The P4 Finance BOS Loans are an Interest Only loan at a competitive variable interest rate.

The Loan is only available in conjunction with the purchase of a new BOS Note. The loan amount will be for the same or lesser value as the BOS note being purchased, and can only be offered to the BOS note owner. All funds borrowed will be transferred directly by P4 Finance to the FCTG business for the purchase of the BOS Note.

Loans are a 12 month loan agreement, which are renewed annually on the loan’s anniversary (renewal is subject to approval from P4 Finance).

Loans can be held in the name of a Family Trust or Company, as long as this is the same entity as the owner of the BOS note, and the BOS Business Manager is the Sole Trustee or Director of the Trust or Company.

The loan interest payments and any fees applicable are to be Direct Debited from a nominated account.

If the BOS Note is redeemed at any time, the redemption proceeds are to be returned to P4 Finance to pay off the principal amount of the Loan. Any outstanding Interest at that date is to be paid by the borrower at that time. All Loan applications will be assessed before approval, and are subject to credit criteria.