Rates & Fees

P4 Finance BOS Loan - Interest Rates


P4 Finance BOS Loan Current (Variable) Interest Rate 8.85% p.a.


NOTE: *Interest is calculated daily and charged monthly. Loans to approved applicants only. P4 Finance BOS loan rates are a ariable rate and set by adding a margin of 5.25% p.a. to the current Australian Reserve Bank’s Cash Rate.


All loans are set up as Interest Only loans. Interest is calculated to and charged on the 22nd of each month, with the interest payment also due on the same day (or next business day).

P4 Finance BOS Loan - Loan Fees

Application Fee $100 or $25 for existing P4 Finance Loan Holders
Yearly Rollover Fee $25 - This will be charged on a yearly anniversary of the loan to rollover for a further 12 months
Payment Dishonour Fee $30 - This fee will be charged if for any reason your Direct Debit is not available to be processed from your nominated account
Default Interest Rate While a loan is in arrears, an additional Default Interest Rate of 3% per annum will be charged